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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

16 Natural Home Remedy to Remove Facial Hair Permanently

Natural Home Remedy to Remove Facial Hair Permanently. The expression is generally applied to excessive hairiness in girls. In girls, hirsutism seems observable dark, and commonly ample hair development in a male-kind pattern. The hairs normally appear on the face, torso, abdomen, upper pubic triangle between inner thighs and navel, the crotch, and back. Hirsutism appears in 5% to 10% of girls. Medical conditions which cause the body to have oversupply of particular hormones, or by some medicines may cause hirsutism. Hirsuitism is occasionally linked to changes which make the body more manly (virilization), which can occur to both men and females. Hints of virilization contain deepening of the voice, increased muscle bulk, reduced breast size, enlarged genitals, and increased libido. Hirsutism ought to prompt a visit to a doctor and is a matter.

What Causes Unwanted Hair or Hirsutism?

Remove Facial Hair
banana for facial hair

An oversupply of male sex hormones or a heightened susceptibility to androgens causes hirsutism.

Generally, this is brought on by polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Yet, in around 10% of instances there aren't any clear causes. Read also : How To Lose Weight Fast and Safely and Double Chin Treatments.

How Much Hair Is Too Much Hair?

About just how much hair is attractive or okay on girls, our approaches are mostly ethnic, and we need girls to feel comfortable in their own skin -- not or hairy! Some girls are more because of their genetic make-up, others -so. Whether you decide to eliminate your natural hair or allow it to grow is a private selection.

But if you have experienced a change in your hair development, such as darker thicker or more prevalent hair, it is wise to have a look at what may be causing your hair growing.

Permanent Hair Removal

There are just two kinds of hair removal that is permanent: laser and electrolysis treatment. During electrolysis, an extremely fine needle is inserted into the hair follicle. A light electric current is sent through the needle to forever destroy the hair follicle's capability to make hair. It's impractical to use electrolysis to treat quite large regions of the body, since follicles are treated one at a time.

Laser treatments could possibly be used on large regions of the entire body, although their long term effectiveness isn't well -recorded as electrolysis. People who have dark hair and light skin generally attain the very best results with laser hair removal.

Both procedures of hair decrease are somewhat debilitating, determined by the region of skin and multiple treatments typically are demanded. However, laser and electrolysis are extremely powerful approaches to eliminate unwanted hair. Nonetheless, they may well not be permanent and might not reduce all hair growing. Without concurrent clinical treatment, new hair will grow. It's best to delay electrolysis or laser treatment for at least 6 months after starting medical treatment so the development of new terminal hairs will probably be reduced. Doctors frequently can refer patients to laser specialist or a reputable electrologist. House electrolysis kits infrequently function since the follicle is really deep within the skin that it's not easy to take care of.

What About Treating Excessive Hair Development?

Treatment is a private selection. Hair removal alternatives may contain bleaching, tweezing, waxing, depilatories, spironolactone, (a prescription anti-hair development drugs), electrolysis, and laser treatment. A young woman may need help locating a local salon that supplies high quality, cost effective services which could help her select the right choice for her.

Treatment of Unwanted Hair

Treatment of hirsutism ought to be directed by the seriousness of the state and also the quantity of distress it's causing the patient. Also, the reproductive condition of possible adverse effects and the individual ought to be factored into treatment choices. Now, there aren't any pharmacologic alternatives suggested for pregnant girls. Decorative hair removal may be considered by girls wanting fertility.

Girls that are overweight needs to be motivated to shed weight because obesity raises decreases the effectiveness of clinical treatment and serum androgen levels. Primary hirsutism may be medicated mechanically. Mechanical treatment includes physically or bleaching removing unwanted hair by:

  1. Depilatories
  2. Cutting
  3. Tweezing
  4. Waxing
  5. Electrolysis
  6. Shaving

Low-dose dexamethasone (a synthetic adrenocortical steroid), birth-control pills, or drugs that suppress male hormones (for instance, spironolactone) may be prescribed for patients whose state comes from high androgen levels.

The root reason for the affliction determines treatment of secondary hirsutism.

Signals of hirsutism may contain:

  • Acne
  • Rough, pigmented body hair, back and chiefly on your own face, torso
  • Balding
  • A voice that is deepening
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Decreased breast size
  • Enlargement of the clitoris

Prevention for Unwanted Hair

Hirsutism is usually not a condition that is preventable. But in case you have polycystic ovary syndrome, commanding and preventing insulin resistance - a state in which your body does not react to insulin levels that are ordinary - can result in less hirsutism and lower androgen levels. Read : How to Relieve Gas Naturally and Best CELLULITE Treatments.

How To Remove Facial Hair Naturally & Permanently

1. Chasteberry to Remove Facial Hair Naturally & Permanently

Chaste tree or chasteberry is a flowering plant that's anti-androgenic properties that can assist in treating hirsutism in women. Polycystic ovarian syndrome is principally caused as a result of hirsutism and Chasteberry can cures this. This is going to lead to the discharge of follicle stimulating hormone that may help in readily raising the production of progesterone hormone. In balancing the necessary hormones desired by a female, the Chasteberry will help. It's going to assist in treating menstrual problems in girls which are related to PCOS and therefore will also aid in treating unwanted facial and body hairs.

The way to Use?

Chasteberry extract can be found in tincture form in addition to in capsule. Taking the pursuit tree infusion for 2 to 6 months daily will aid in getting cleared of unwanted hair from your face and body. You must just take about 175 grams of the infusion daily and this is supposed to contain 0.6% of agusides. It is necessary that you consult with a Naturopathic physician prior to taking this infusion as female hormone levels are affected by it. It's suggested that pregnant women, breastfeeding moms and folks consult with a medical doctor prior to taking this infusion.

2. Alum - Rosewater to Remove Facial Hair Naturally & Permanently

Here is something which is used by the girls of Pakistan and India to work out the threat of unwanted hair. This is rosewater and alum. Alum are available as a stone of alum or in powdered form. Alum powder is used by this treatment. You can earth stone alum to get this powder.


  • You can put 3 tablespoon of rosewater to ½ tsp of alum powder.
  • Dissolve the powder into the rosewater using a spoon.
  • Next, get the cotton ball and dunk it in this water.
  • Then use it to your affected areas and leave it on there then re-apply when it dries off.
  • Do this until one hour but in case your skin is sensitive, do not do it more than 15 minutes.
  • Then rinse off and dab few drops of olive oil or sesame oil to moisturize the area.
  • Do this treatment twice a week.

3. Papaya Pulp Remedy to Remove Facial Hair Naturally & Permanently

Natural Methods To Take Care Of Unwanted Facial Hair

Get 1/2 a cup of papaya pulp and combine it with 1 tbsp of milk to create a fine paste. Then rub it lightly on your own face and leave it on for ten minutes. After this rinse it away. This concoction functions as an all-natural bleach.

4. Lentil Face Pack to Remove Facial Hair Naturally & Permanently

As a superb face scrub to dispose of unwanted facial hair, a face pack prepared from powdered red lentils, or masoor dal, functions.

  • To get a fine powder, sieve and grind 1 1/2 cup of red lentils a couple of times.
  • To produce a paste, you can combine two tablespoons of the powder with honey or adequate milk .
  • Leave it stand for a quarter hour. Keep the remainder of the powder in an air-tight container.
  • Put on the mixture to your face, then scrub it away and leave it on for twenty minutes.
  • Use it twice weekly. Use it one time weekly, when you have dry skin.

You can even add sandalwood powder, dehydrated orange peel powder, rose water, and potato juice in this attractiveness pack. These parts are excellent for your skin. Potato juice, in particular, can help lighten skin tone and your facial hair.

5. Basil - Onion Paste to Remove Facial Hair Naturally & Permanently

Remove Facial Hair Permanently

Are you aware that when applied with basil leaves onion makes your dishes appetizing but can remove your unwanted hair! Nevertheless, discover out the thin translucent membranes that lie between the layers of onion and you have to do a small exercise.


-- Take out the thin gauzy membranes from between the onion layers.
-- Get a paste by smashing 12 of basil leaves combined with the onion membranes.
-- Apply this paste in the affected areas then let it for twenty minutes and rinse off with fresh water.
-- Do this four times per week for 1-2 month to eliminate your unwanted hair.

6. Turmeric – Papaya Paste to Remove Facial Hair Naturally & Permanently

Prepare a paste by combining pulp of a raw papaya and 1/2 tsp turmeric powder. Apply this paste to your affected areas. Then wash off with water after ten minutes. For favorable outcome, use it at least one time weekly. Must read : Body Detox Recipes and Remove Bed Bugs from Your House.

7. Chickpea Flour or Gram Flour to Remove Facial Hair Naturally & Permanently

Chickpea flour also removes the hair essentially and helps to exfoliate the skin. It makes your face look young and delightful and also helps to lighten the colour of the skin. This flour can be easily found by you at Indian marketplace or at any given health food stores.


  • You can blend 1 tablespoon of milk cream, 2 tablespoons of chickpea flour, 1/2 teaspoon of milk and 3/4 teaspoon of turmeric powder in a bowl to make it like a heavy paste.
  • Next, use it to the affected areas then allow it on for half an hour.
  • Afterward begin scrubbing it by utilizing the facial loofah pad or a soft material that dunked in the water that is lukewarm
  • Lightly scrub the region also and to remove the paste to remove the hair
  • Doing this procedure for at least four times per week for a month to fully clear the issue.

8. Orange – Lemon Peel Scrub to Remove Facial Hair Naturally & Permanently

Orange peel was utilized in the standard skincare recipes to cleanse the skin. It's high vitamin C content like lemon peels. Join these citrus rinds to bleach the facial hair. You can efficiently eliminate unwanted facial hair, when you join them with natural exfoliating agents. Join identical amounts of powdered dry orange peel and 1 teaspoon of lemon peel, 1 teaspoon of almond powder, 1 teaspoon of oatmeal, 1 teaspoon of olive oil and rose 1 Tsp of water to form a paste. Then , rub it lightly on the affected ares in circular strokes for ten minutes. Wash with water and repeat the procedure 3 times in a week.

This really is a traditional Indian approach used to eliminate hair from the face. Combine equal numbers besan (chickpea flour) and turmeric and add water to create a paste. Use it to the affected areas then let it dries. Wash off with warm water. Read : Rheumatoid arthritis Lifestyle and home remedies and How to remove body odor fast?

9. Honey and Apricot Facial Scrub to Remove Facial Hair Naturally & Permanently

You can grind one hundred gms of dry apricot In a grinder. Make a spread by adding some honey to this powder. Apply this paste on your face and use circular motions of the thumb to massage your face. Scrub your face with cold water, after 30 minutes.

10. Green Gram Pack to Remove Facial Hair Naturally & Permanently

This pack is valuable for controlling the excessive growth of facial hair, which is an excellent cleanser for sensitive and acne prone skin.


  • You can combine 1 tsp. of lemon juice, 1 ½ tbsp of rose water and 2 tbsp. of green gram powder.
  • Put on the mixture over the affected areas that is necessary until it becomes semi-dry.
  • Lightly scrub around in the opposite direction of the growth of the hair and roll.
  • Then let it on there for a couples of minutes and wash off with fresh water.

11. Natural Ways To Deal With Unwanted Facial Hair with Sugar and Lemon

Create a spread by blending sugar about thirty gm and freshly squeezed lemon juice ten ml with water. Then use it on the affected areas then rub it in the direction of the hair growth. Let it for 15 minutes. After that, wash off with cold water. While lemon juice will act as an astringent on your own face and sugar functions as an exfoliating agent.

12. Get Rid of Facial Hair Naturally with Egg, Corn Flour and Sugar

In addition, it tightens your face reducing wrinkles. Corn flour makes your face glowing and exceptionally soft. Sugar actions on acne and removes the dead skin. To ready the scrub, take one entire egg white, one spoonful of sugar and half spoonful of corn flour. Make a paste by combining all of the ingredients. Use the mixture on your own face and wait until it dries then rinse off with fresh water. Use this scrub thrice per week. Facial hair will likewise be tweezed together with the mask

13. Get Rid of Facial Hair Naturally with Honey and Lemon Juice

While honey brings in the needed stickiness which helps lift off the fine hair from your face, lemon juice is an excellent natural bleacher.


  • You can blend 5 spoons of honey and one tbsp of lemon juice.
  • Then use it to your affected areas and leave it on there 30 minutes.

14. Barley Facial Scrub to Get Rid of Facial Hair at Home Naturally

Scrub that is barley is quite effectual in eliminating facial hair that is rough. Barley helps to do away with facial hair that is rooted. This scrub also helps provide you with a healthy radiant and appearing skin. This system offers one of the simplest methods to eliminate facial hair at home.


  • You can mix 1 tbsp of lemon juice, 1 tbsp of barley powder, 1 tbsp of milk In a small bowl.
  • Blend well to make a scrub.
  • Now, employ this scrub in your face, and let it for half an hour or till it gets dry entirely.
  • Next, scrub your face lightly for ten minutes, then wash off with lukewarm water.
  • Do this procedure thrice in a week to remove facial hair entirely.
  • Using a washcloth, you can remove your mask.

15. Banana - Oatmeal Scrub to Remove Facial Hair Naturally & Permanently

On the off chance your skin is dry, the banana is among the best components that may be used for uprooting hair for you. Banana makes your skin, supple and soft. Yet just banana has not been sufficient for evacuating hair. You need to combine it with something which is somewhat disagreeable on skin to peel it. However, this harshness ought not damage your delicate skin. Oats are the perfect thing to use them. It's also a really characteristic cleaning agent for skin.


  • First of all, you can mash one ripe banana then place 2 tsp of oatmeal to it.
  • After that, you must use that paste to your affected areas then rub it in roundabout movement.
  • Do it for fifteen minutes then rinse off with fresh water.
  • Repeat this two times per week.

16. Remove Facial Hair Naturally & Permanently with Natively Constructed Gelatin Peel-off Mask

Shortly, this is among the most effective alternatives for force of facial hair in a flash, with gelatin rind veil off that you could make at home. You rotten too and can really feel its really a crash. While the smell of gelatin may be stifled with the use of any essential oil or lemon juice it may be, relies on the manner in which you manage the complete technique of employing and making this hand crafted peel off cover. Eyebrow hair all over are surely not not invited! Also read : Home Remedies for Head Lice and Natural Treatments for a Sore Throat.


You can mix one tbsp of unflavored gelatin and 3 tbsp of milk and 2 drops of lavender vital oil or lime juice.
Then microwave for about fifteen seconds.

Use it immediately to your affected areas. You need to apply a cover over your face, or just zones on face from where you want your hair as gelatin places rapidly. Be watchful, but, the thing will probably not be cold too. You'll in any event get 2 earlier minutes absolute is set by the gelatin. This way, deal with your time and implement a cover over facial hair.

Do not make a difference over your eyebrows and close eye.
It'll require something similar to ten minutes for gelatin cover to get dry.
Peel it off your face when dried. Pimples and the hair will fall off with the thing that is dehydrated.

In case you unintentionally set this paste on eyebrow hair, just wet your fingers and rub on your eyebrow hair with this wet finger. In case it's place seriously, you can use warm water to take it off your eyebrows.

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