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Thursday, February 25, 2016

How to Get Rid of LICE Naturally Head Lice Home Remedies

How to Get Rid of Head LICE Naturally & Fast with Home Remedies. Lice infestation on the human body (also called pediculosis) is quite common. Instances number in the hundreds of millions world-wide. While lice can sometimes cause critical sickness (typhus, relapsing fever, and trench fever), a lice infestation is usually more of an itchy and humiliating encounter than a serious medical issue. Three different presentations of lice disease exist and a parasite that is unique causes each.

A genetically close "cousin," Pediculus humanus corporis, is in charge of body lice and is more usually related to poverty, overcrowding, and poor hygiene. Pubic lice ("crabs") is caused by Pthirus pubis and is transmitted by close or sexual contact. Lice infestation is a distinctively human experience. Lice don't jump or fly from host to host.

What Are the Symptoms of Head Lice?

Get Rid of LICE
lavender for head lice

Symptoms of head lice include:

  • Feeling like something is crawling on your own scalp
  • Sores on your own own scalp from scraping
  • Extreme scalp itchiness

Lice: Causes

Lice have existed since ancient times; they have even been seen on Egyptian mummies. They can be spread by sharing personal things for example combs, brushes, or hats. Read also : Best Tips On How To Get Rid Of Headaches Instantly and Get Rid Of Heartburn.

Who Is Likely To Get Head Lice?

  • Anyone who has had head to head contact with a person who has head lice could get them, although primary school age kids are the ones likely to possess head lice.
  • Other family members will probably get them.
  • Grownups may have them without understanding that they do (they might not get any itching), and they could pass them on to others, particularly family members.

Life Cycle of Head Lice

A female head louse lays eggs by cementing them to hairs (frequently near the root), where they are kept warm by the entire scalp. The eggs are pinhead-size and challenging to see.

After seven to 10 days, the empty eggshells and also the infant lice hatch stay pasted in place.

Head lice feed by feeding on blood as well as biting the scalp. They take to become fully grown. From when they are adults or almost mature juveniles head lice typically crawl.

After she is hatched a female head louse may begin to lay eggs from nine days. Accordingly, stop them spreading and to break the cycle, they have to be eliminated within nine days of hatching.

Nit Removal

Treatment doesn't kill all lice nits. Pubic lice nits and hair should be removed to prevent re-infestation as the eggs hatch. Manual removal may treat a lice infestation efficiently.

One of these processes could be used, before removing head lice nits:

  • Wiping individual locks of hair using a cloth from base to tip
  • Getting live lice using a comb, tweezers, fingernails, or by adhering them with double-sided tape
  • A fifty percent vinegar rinse to loosen the nits
  • You can catch live lice with your fingernails, a comb or tweezers.

Additionally, hair untangled, moist, and ought to be clean; a towel put between the hair and shoulders along with garments ought to be removed; the hair ought to be split into square inch sections with the utilization of rubber bands or clips to break up long hair.

By combing through each hair part from scalp to point, head lice nits are removed. Between each passing, the comb ought to be dunked in water and wiped with a paper towel to eliminate nits and lice. The comb ought to be held up to the light to be sure it's not dirty. If needed the comb could be cleaned with dental floss, fingernail brush, or a toothbrush. Maybe a magnifying glass and great light are needed. After combing towels and clothes ought to be washed. The procedure ought to be repeated at least two times per week for at least two weeks. Read : How to Get Rid Of Hemorrhoids Fast and Double Chin Removal.

11 Home Remedies to Get Rid of LICE Naturally

1. Margosa Oil Shampoo to Get Rid of Head Lice Naturally

Margosa is a superb head lice treatment. Add a couple of drops of margosa oil to your shampoo that is ordinary, or use shampoo which has margosa oil.

2. Essential Oils to Get Rid of Lice Naturally

Get Rid of LICE Naturally

Combine ten drops rosemary oil, twenty drops tea tree oil, 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil, thyme oil, with 15 drops each of lavender. Massage the oil solution that is prepared into your hair that is dry, and wrap your head by means of a plastic shower cap. After an hour, remove and shampoo your hair.

Or you can combine one tsp of tea tree oil with three tbsp of coconut/olive oil in a bowl. Apply it on your affected area. leave it for thirty minutes. Lastly, rinse your hair with fresh water and shampoo.

3. Mouth Wash to Get Rid of Head Lice Naturally

Antiseptic mouth wash like Listerine will helps to eliminate the head lice problem. The mouthwash smells tough when applied on the hair and gets the lice die and to suffocate.


  • Get mouthwash that is pure and decant it in an empty spray bottle.
  • Then spray on the mouthwash throughout the head
  • Leave it like that by simply placing a shower cap
  • After 2 hours, take out the cap and clean your hair for at least 2 times or else it'll appear greasy.
  • Repeat the method once in a month to stop the issue of head lice.

4. Mayonnaise to Get Rid of Lice Naturally

Until the whole scalp gets covered lubricate your own scalp with massage and mayo. Wear a shower cap and leave it for two hours. The process is certainly sloppy but paste the nits and this will help suffocate the lice.

Rinse your hair with hot water then soap to cut out the grease from the affected area, finally use regular shampoo. Duplicate the method after few days to totally remove lice and nit from your hair. It means you've beat the issue of lice infestation, if no live lice are observed on the comb. You may also use Vaseline or olive oil for lubricating your hair,. Remember to treat other relative also, even if they do not have an infestation issue now. Rinse the nit comb completely using hot soapy water. Must read : Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks and a Hickey.

5. Alcohol Method to Get Rid of Head Lice Naturally


  • You can bring a bottle of rubbing alcohol, then go to bathtub after that bend back over it
  • Set the booze bottle in the centre or centre of the brow only slightly away from the hairline
  • Pour over your hair but be sure your hair should get wet entirely
  • Pass your fingers by your hair and ensure that you understand that booze has to cover mostly the scalp region of your hair
  • You can apply some conditioner onto the affected area then you can take a long toothed comb to brush out all the lice
  • Take a shower bath to scrub your hair correctly if necessary.
  • Repeat regularly until results are visible.

6. Tea Tree Oil Shampoo to Get Rid of Lice Naturally

  • This procedure then tries by adding it to your regular shampoo mixture in the event you need to create your own head lice.
  • Put one tsp of tea tree oil and add one tsp of rosemary or eucalyptus oil to it
  • Blend well and pour this to your ordinary shampoo mixture
  • Stir well and use this to rinse your hair completely.
  • But be sure that while using eucalyptus oil, you've got to additional care as this will cause discomfort and pain that it shouldn't get it into eyes or mouth.
  • Repeating the procedure often will helps to stop the head lice fully.

7. Oil And Comb Technique to Get Rid of Head Lice Naturally

Lavishly distribute let it coat the fibrils and almond oil or olive oil through the hair. After splitting it into sections using a lice comb, run it via your hair. Rinse the comb under water often to take off the lice. Shampoo the hair following the therapy. Read : how to get rid of fleas naturally.

8. Bag It Up to Get Rid of Lice Naturally

In case something and you can not dry do not have room in your deep freezer tote everything up for a week. This works excellent for additional blankets, stuffed animals and things like that.

When I was reading around some website, * there were some that implied that blood type can have some effect however there's little signs. I have been often subjected to lice since I was little and haven't gotten them when I was not following all of these preventative measures. Actually, who understands!

9. Hydrogen Peroxide & Borax to Get Rid of Head Lice Naturally

Even though it all seems like one enormous chemical treatment it's really one of quite successful and the more natural home treatments for head lice. Read also : Get Rid Of Ants and a Sore Throat.

  • Combine 2 parts of water and 1 part of hydrogen peroxide three percent. Then add some borax to it, this is really salt or an all-natural mineral. Add until the hydrogen peroxide is saturated.
  • Leave it for a couple of hours. Finally rinse it with fresh water. Duplicate if needed.

10. Sesame Seed and Neem Oils to Get Rid of Lice Naturally

Neem oils and sesame seed are rich in natural anti fungal, antibacterial and insecticide properties. To treat with these oils start by enabling it to dry and rinsing hair with apple cider vinegar. Cup ¼ cup sesame seed oil, ⅛ cup neem oil, rosemary essential oils, ten drops of Bulgarian lavender essential oil collectively and 1/2 tsp of eucalyptus and one tsp tea tree oil, apply this oil to hair as well as the scalp, then cover the head using a shower cap, and leave on overnight. Utilize a nit comb to remove all lice and nits. Shampoo usually and duplicate daily for five days.

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